Website/IT Consulting


The days of the static website are numbered. More customers are requiring dynamic components that may cause you to turn down a potential project. This service takes the "fear" out of bidding for those website jobs. We take you step-by-step through the site building process so you will know exactly what you need for your project. We can also arrange to talk to your client directly on behalf of you or your company. It's like having your own virtual web department.


You have access to our Client Questionnaire to help you and your client think about some of the technical requirements that your project may need. We'll be happy to go through the process with you so that you can answer any questions with confidence.

Debriefing and Maintenance

We're with you even after the project is over by discussing how we can make the next project run even smoother. At DPI, we want to build a relationship with you so that projects are completed worry-free and to your customer's satisfaction. We'll even guide you on how to maintain your client's content, creating another revenue stream! Learn more about our maintenance plans.